L.A.vation – The World’s Greatest Tribute to U2

U2 Tribute Los Angeles

I couldn’t believe my eyes & ears, and thought I had the real U2 performing in my own backyard amphitheater!


                                                                                                                    -Sela Ward, Actress                        


The internationally touring and world renown L.A.vation. This band derives its name from the Grammy award winning single "Elevation" from the hit album "All That You Can't Leave Behind." This band features Jason Thiesen as a spot-on Bono, backed up by Bart Davis, Jorgen Ingmar, and myself, as The Edge, Larry Mullin Jr., and Adam Clayton, respectively.

Jason Thiesen is an extraordinary rock tenor whose vocal sound bears an uncanny resemblance to Bono, so much so that he’s spent the better half of the last ten years touring the United States singing and performing the part. His stage presence, sound, and mannerisms are compelling, passionate, and most of all, incredibly Bono-like. He never fails to deliver.  Backing him up is an experienced band of highly-skilled musicians that takes the look and sound of U2 to a new level. Capturing the essence of the U2 live experience, they are committed to honoring the original band through unfailing accuracy and an uncanny attention to detail. Including recorded backing tracks that faithfully replicate the backing tracks U2 uses live, L.A.vation has completely mastered the U2 sound. This is paired with an engaging and enthusiastic performance style that leaves no detail to chance. The result is a sound that is spot-on U2, and a performance that fully evokes the feel of a U2 concert.



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Corporate and International Performance


L.A.vation performs music for corporate events worldwide, having brought their show to 5 continents for corporate and event sponsors such as:


  • Facebook

  • Playboy (The Playboy Mansion)

  • Operation Hot (US Military Tour of Afghanistan and Kuwait)

  • The Gates Corporation

  • AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

  • PCM Sarcom

  • Vendavo

  • American Heroes Foundation

  • The NAAM Show



Ready to travel anywhere in the world, L.A.vation is the premier U2 Tribute Band for corporate and private events. Preceded by a reputation for professionalism and reliability, they also perform frequently at clubs, concert halls, and festivals throughout the nation. With an impressive set list, these seasoned musicians can turn any venue into an authentic U2 experience. Whether it’s an event for thousands or something set in a more intimate venue, L.A.vation will tailor the show and set-list to meet the needs of the event. As dependable as they come, L.A.vation arrives completely ready to deliver an astounding show every time.


For more information, visit the L.A.vation website at: www.u2lavation.com



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