Jazz for Los Angeles Events

Jazz for Events

Live jazz has always been a staple of sophisticated gatherings. There’s something about the sound of a jazz trio of quartet that’s the perfect match to a party. Because jazz has an acoustic (as opposed to electric) tradition, it tends to be unobtrusive, so people can mingle and talk comfortably. And the music itself somehow blends naturally with the rustling sounds of a party, wedding, or other event.

Having a jazz combo play your event is an easy and tasteful way to create a sophisticated environment while at the same time adding a sense of momentum to your gathering.  When you hire jazz musicians for your event, you want to ensure that you are hiring professional musicians with a large repertoire, who wear formal attire, and who play at a volume that is right for your party. I contract some of the finest musicians in Los Angeles and I do so at a fraction of the cost that you would pay an event management company.  I can provide these reasonable rates for event entertainment because I don’t use a booker or an agent, who often charge you double or triple what they are actually paying the musicians.  I can provide outstanding jazz combos in Los Angeles at my direct cost to musicians.

Your simplest option for event music is to select a duo, which includes myself on upright bass, and a guitar or a piano.  You can also choose to add a drummer, to create that authentic jazz trio sound.  A trio of bass, drums, and piano or guitar is perfectly sufficient for most events, and creates the perfect jazz atmosphere for almost any event.  From there, you can always choose to add horns, such as trumpet or saxophone (the specific type of horn is dependent upon availability,) and you can also choose to add a vocalist.

Contact me to inquire about my very reasonable rates for music for weddings, parties, or other events.


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Professional musicians love to play jazz at parties. Good musicians who are working in studios or playing with pop groups often get together to play jazz on their “off” time. It’s a challenge, and it feels great to play. It offers musicians a unique experience to be expressive in ways that other types of music don’t necessarily allow. Jazz has a pretty standard repertoire, most of which is contained in a number of “fake books” that all jazz musicians own.  When jazz players get together to jam, everyone brings their book of tunes, and we just play.

Jazz musicians call these gigs “casuals.” A casual is a wedding, party, corporate event, or what have you. It’s called a casual because the musicians are not the main event. They are background music. And believe me, musicians love getting called for casuals. Like I said, if we weren’t playing at a party, we’d be getting together to play jazz in exactly the same manner for fun in somebody’s living room!

I have a pretty deep roster of pro players: drummers, singers, horn players, and keyboardists.  All of them are professional studio musicians in Los Angeles who love to get together, put on a suit, and play three or four hours of great jazz. If you want to add just the right touch to your party, give me a call. I’ll assemble a band that will knock your socks off. (But very quietly!)